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People Judge: Plan

Someday, I told my self that I wanted to marry a man when I had been graduated my masteral degree. Also, after getting a good job. 
When I informed my parents about the thing, they agreed. They said, "It's up to you. This is your life, we will support you as long as it's good for you."
Everything happens for a reason.
But I have more than one reason, and it's not only about my self. To make my parents believe in me, I explained my reasons to them. I just don't want them to get me wrong. 
Again, they had the same point of view.
But when someone asked my parents about my plan (to get married), they thought I was wrong if I had that plan. They believe that it will not be good for me IF I get married after my graduation and getting a good job. It is like breaking the rules. 
A girl should marry a man as soon as possible. If a girl has a lot of achievements, it will be hard to get a man. Why? It will make a man feel so low if 'she' is an alpha girl.
I realiz…

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